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Chart of Accounts

Understanding Humboldt Chartfields

Frequently Used OE Accounts

The PeopleSoft chartfield string is composed of 6 distinct chartfields that have the following specific meanings in PeopleSoft:

Fund: Identifies the "Where." Where is the funding source?

Department: Identifies the "Who." Who is being charged or responsible for the transaction?

Account: Identifies the "What." What is the nature of the transaction?

Class: Used for any special operating expense reporting needs a department or other organizational unit may have, other than Payroll.

Program: Used to define a set of ongoing campus-wide activities for which revenues and/or expenditures need to be tracked.

Project: Used to identify a discrete set of activities that occur within a finite time period, though it may span more than one fiscal year.

For more information on PeopleSoft chartfield strings and their usage at Humboldt, contact the Accounting Office at (707) 826-4035.