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Our Community

Making Humboldt your home is a great way to be a part of a community, to be a part of something larger than yourself. Plus living here is convenient: rooms come furnished, eateries and activities are around the corner, and so are your classes; you can roll out of bed and probably still make it to class on time!

We have a variety of housing options to suit your needs: apartments, suites, or traditional residence halls. Each comes with a list of amenities, facilities, and other features to make your life a little easier. You can even live alongside students who share common interests in one of our Theme Housing options.

As many choices as there are, some things - like having support and feeling valued and respected - come standard. Staff and the students who work here do more than keep things fun by hosting events and activities; they provide an ear to listen if you miss home, can offer suggestions if things are difficult with your roommates, and connect with you to campus clubs or other leadership opportunities based on your interests and goals.

While living on campus, residents will become educated, active, and responsible participants in their community by developing critical thinking skills and a definition of personal well-being. Below are the specifics of what we call our "AxE Plan" which stands for "Academic and Engagement Plan". Our interactions with you, our events and programs, and the information we share through posters and flyers, will all stem from the goals and topics listed below.

Commitment to Academics

Within Housing at Humboldt, committing to your academics means recognizing the choice to further your education and practicing the necessary skills to be successful in and out of the classroom.

Residents will be able to…

  • List available campus resources to assist in their academic success
  • Apply academic knowledge to out-of-the-classroom experiences and career aspirations
  • Implement a personal set of academic skills and study techniques

Social Justice 

Within Housing at Humboldt, valuing social justice means gaining the knowledge to support and promote allyship and advocacy for a more equitable society; and being the voice for change within your community.

Residents will be able to…

  • Recall available campus and community resources to address incidents of bias and to support mental and physical health
  • Engage in dialogue about systems of power, oppression and intersectionality
  • Develop an understanding of one's own identity in social contexts and the impact this has on their communities

Environmental Justice

Within Housing at Humboldt, honoring our environment means acknowledging that Humboldt sits on unceded land belonging to the Wiyot Tribe; framing our education and learning within that context; and working towards lessening our footprint on the land through individual actions.

Residents will be able to…

  • Incorporate different strategies and resources to help them live a more sustainable and environmentally conscious life

Community Engagement

Within Housing at Humboldt, engaging in the community means making an effort to be an active participant in the community around you; recognizing the positive and negative impact that your actions may have on others; and making your mark.

Residents will be able to…

  • List campus resources that exist to further connect them to the campus and local community
  • Practice holding themselves and others accountable for their actions and the impact on the larger community
  • Actively engage in their housing and/or university communities

Holistic Health

Within Housing at Humboldt, holistic health is defined as acquiring skills to be independent and build resiliency; reflecting on and developing your identities, values, and goals; and implementing self-care strategies.

Residents will be able to…

  • Engage in critical reflection as a means for personal and professional growth
  • Set goals and develop strategies to achieve them
  • Utilize strategies to ensure self-care and balance