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Fee Waiver Program

The Fee Waiver Program, established in 1975, provides eligible Cal Poly Humboldt employees the opportunity to attend Humboldt classes at reduced rates. The program is designed to assist employees in improving current skills or preparing for a new career at Humboldt.

The fee waiver information presented here offers a brief summary of the California State University Fee Waiver Program for employees covered by Collective Bargaining contracts and for employees designated as Managerial, Supervisory or Confidential. Refer to your bargaining unit agreement for exact contract language. Please contact Human Resources for information regarding Managerial, Supervisory or Confidential Fee Waiver, Siemens Hall Room 212, phone 707-826-3626 or email us at

If you are new to the Fee Waiver program we encourage you to read the Fee Waiver Registration Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions to gain a good understanding of the various elements involved including eligibility, fees waived, timelines, and more.

Reminder: Fee Waiver cannot be used for Humboldt Summer Courses which are offered through Extended Ed.



Definitions of Employee Training and Career Development

  • Job-Related Employee Training - Job-related courses taken to improve the skills and/or knowledge of the employee performing duties of the current position. Enrollments may be voluntary or at the direction of the supervisor/manager. A work-related course is for the purpose of 1) improving the level of skill needed to perform existing duties and responsibilities or 2) acquiring additional skills needed to perform newly assigned duties and responsibilities.
  • Career Development - Course enrollments, voluntary in nature, that have been identified in an Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP) approved by the Career Development Coordinator. While promotions are not guaranteed as a result of participation in an ICDP, employees may use this as an opportunity to become more competitive with other candidates for position vacancies. Complete information and application forms for the ICDP are available below.


Eligibility for the Fee Waiver Program differs by employee bargaining unit/class (see below). Please note that employees who are on an approved full or partial leave of absence with or without pay remain eligible.

  • Unit 1 (Physicians):
    • All members
  • Units 2, 5, 7, 9 (CSUEU), Unit 4 (Academic Professionals), Unit 6 (Skilled Trades), Unit 10 (IUOE):
    • All full-time employees (i.e. permanent, temporary, and probationary)
    • Part-time permanent employees
  • Unit 3 (Faculty):
    • Tenured and probationary faculty (Please note: Faculty participating in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) are eligible for the fee waiver benefit only during the semesters when they are actively employed.)
    • Temporary faculty with three-year appointments (pursuant to Article 12 of the CBA)
    • Coaches with at least six years of service in the department
  • Unit 8 (Public Safety), C99 (Confidential), E99 (Excluded), M98 (Executive):
    • Full-time or part-time permanent employees
    • Full-time probationary employees
    • Temporary employees are not eligible
    • Please note: class E99 is not eligible to transfer the benefit to a dependent spouse, child or domestic partner
  • M80 (MPP)
    • Full-time employees(includes temporary)

Course or Unit Limitation

The maximum number of courses for which eligible employees may enroll under Fee Waiver is 2 courses or 6 units, whichever is greater. Courses in self-support programs may not be taken on the fee waiver program.

If you are a full-time tenured employee on a full or partial leave of absence, the following number of units may be taken under Fee Waiver:

Percentage of Leave / Maximum Semester Units

  • One-fourth but less than one-half - 9
  • One-half but less than three-fourths - 12
  • Three-fourths but less than full - 15
  • Full - Not Limited


The fee waiver covers a portion of fees. Please ensure that all remaining fees are paid by the fee deadline. Please check out the Humboldt Fees for additional details.

  • Fee Waiver - Fees Waived (Dependent)

    Table showing what fees are waived (by employee bargaining unit) for an eligible employee transferring their Fee Waiver benefit to an eligible dependent.

  • Fee Waiver - Fees Waived (Employee)

    Table showing what fees are waived (by employee bargaining unit) when an eligible employee utilizes Fee Waiver to take Job Related courses, or courses as part of an approved Career Development Plan.

Courses above the maximums may be taken. However, an employee taking courses in addition to the maximums for his/her unit will be required to pay an additional charge.


Employees participating in the Career Development Program may wish to enroll as a regular student. In order to matriculate, an employee must also file a CSU Application for Admission, submit official transcripts from previous schools and be determined eligible for admission like any other student. Advantages of matriculation are 1) employees may work on completing a degree and 2) employees can register early for subsequent terms like any other "regular" student, as long as you are in continuous attendance.

Employees participating in Job-Related Employee Training or those participating in the Career Development Program who do not wish to apply for admission are not required to complete an Application for Admission and may be admitted as Special Admissions under the authority of Subdivision (e) of Section 41804 of Title 5, California Administrative Code as implemented in these procedures. Usually, courses are taken under the "Special Admission" provision unless the goal of the Fee Waiver plan is a degree.

Application Process

Fee Waiver application materials are available below. If participating in the Career Development Program, employees must first complete and have approved a Career Development Plan. The Fee Waiver application process is the same for both the Career Development and Job-Related Employee Training Programs:

  • Fill out the electronic Fee Waiver Application form. Once the lead worker/manager/MPP has signed electronically, the form routes to Human Resources & Academic Personnel Services for processing. Fee Waiver does not cover all fees. Remaining fees are paid directly to the Humboldt Cashiers Office, SBS Building, room 285, after registration for classes is complete.
  • Complete the Application Fee Waiver form and follow instructions on the form regarding how to submit it.


Fee waiver applications are due three weeks prior to the first day of instruction. This deadline must be adhered to in order to avoid late fees and class cancellation.

Fee waiver applications will not be accepted after the conclusion of the current semester.

Use of State Time for Class Attendance

Permission may be granted by the Fee Waiver applicant's supervisor or department head to take one Job-Related or Career Development Course during work hours. Or, alternate work hours may be assigned so that a course occurring during normal work hours may be attended while still maintaining a normal workweek. Approval to take a course during work hours is subject to the supervisor's or department head's judgment that the operational needs of the department will continue to be met.

Fee Waiver Forms

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