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Performance Evaluations are a critical link between individual performance and the achievement of the institutions goals.

The Performance Evaluation Process

  • Is required by policy and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Provides employees a formal process for on-going feedback.
  • Helps to ensure that standards and expectations of an employee's Position Descriptions are communicated and met.
  • Acknowledges an employee's contributions, efforts and identifies areas of improvement.
  • The evaluation serves as a permanent record of the employee's performance for a specified period of time.

Evaluators should review an employee's Position Description prior to completing an employee's performance evaluation. Employees should also be provided a draft of the evaluation and given an opportunity to provide input prior to the final evaluation being issued. Evaluators should consult Human Resources and the specific collective bargaining agreements for further procedural details on completing performance evaluations.

Instructions for Submitting Employee Evaluations

The employee evaluations process are to be completed using Adobe Sign.  You do not have to upload the form anymore as it is included in the Adobe Sign workflow.

  1. Evaluator or Appropriate Administrator:  Click the link to the appropriate evaluation workflow based on the type of evaluation and the Bargaining Unit below.

    NOTE: DO NOT send the link to the employee.

  2. If you haven't opened Adobe Sign, you will be prompted to log in.  Click the "Continue with Google" option in the log in window.
  3. You will be prompted to sign in to your "Personal Account" or "Company or School Account". Choose  "Company or School Account"
  4. The Workflow window will open.
    1. Fill out your email in the Evaluator field using the format.
    2. Fill out the Appropriate Administrator email using the format.  If you are the Evaluator and the Appropriate Administrator, you will have to fill both fields with your email.
    3. Fill out the Employee email using the abc123@humboldt.eduformat
    4. If you have an attachment, please add it at this moment in the document's section.
    5. Click the "Send" button.
  5. The Evaluation Form will open.
    1. Fill out all the required fields and add information to the optional fields as needed.
    2. Once all the required fields are complete, the "Click to Send" button will appear at the bottom of the window.  Click it to submit the form for the Appropriate Administrator (or you if you are both) to sign.
  6. The Appropriate Administrator will receive an email with a link to sign the form.  If you are also the Evaluator, you will have to sign again.
    1. The Appropriate Administrator should click the "Click to Send" button in order to submit the form.
  7. The staff member will receive an email with a link to the form.
    1. The staff members should click the "Click to Send" button in order to submit the form.
  8. After your staff member signs the form, 
    1. HR will receive the form after everyone has signed it and the process is complete.
    2. Everyone that signed the form will receive a link to download the signed document as a pdf.

NOTE: If revisions need to be made to a form that's already been submitted, you should cancel the existing form and submit a new revised form through AdobeSign.

Employee Evaluation Workflows

Probationary Employee Evaluations

Permanent Employee Evaluations

Temporary Employee Evaluations

Management Personnel Plan Performance Evaluation (MPP)

Vice President Evaluations


Staff Performance Evaluations

  • Guide to Performance Management This guide is intended to be a resource for individuals responsible for evaluating staff job performance. It may also assist staff who are beingevaluated to better understand the staff evaluation process.

Management Personnel Plan Performance Evaluation (MPP)

Practice Evaluation Forms

These are to be used as a practice working document only.



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