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Background Checks

The CSU system-wide policy on background checks was developed to provide directives and guidance on background checks which are critical in preventing risk and providing protection to campus employees, students, volunteers, and guests.

Individuals That Require Background Checks

  1. All new hires (Staff, Faculty, and MPPs; includes temporary, intermittent, emergency hires, probationary and auxiliary employees).
  2. Employees of independent contractors who operate on Humboldt property and who are in positions subject to legal background checks. Also see group 4.
  3. Humboldt employees, student workers, auxiliary employees, employees of outside entities, independent contractors, special consultants, volunteers, and consultants who perform work involving direct contact with minor children at Humboldt-hosted (on or off campus) or outside-entity hosted (on campus) recreational camps and clinics (e.g., youth activities). Ed Code requires that Fingerprint Background Checks (Live Scan) be completed for this group. All current employees working with such recreational camps and/or clinics on the campus (e.g., youth activities) are subject to this requirement unless they have successfully completed both a criminal records check and sexual offender registry check within the past 12 months.
  4. Student employees and Volunteers when required by law or when driving on university business.
  5. Police personnel: background checks are governed by separate policies.


Background Checks must be completed prior to appointment

Legally-Designated Positions

Positions in which background checks are currently required by law include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Positions with direct contact with minor children at a camp operated by the CSU
  • Positions with access to stored criminal offender record information
  • Positions with access to patients, drugs or medication

Sensitive-Designated Positions

Sensitive positions are those requiring heightened scrutiny based on potential for harm to children, concerns for the safety and security of people, animals, or property, or heightened risk of financial loss. Human Resources in consultation with the hiring authority shall determine which specific positions are designated "sensitive."

  • CSU Sensitive Positions Table
    This table provides information regarding key duties and responsibilities associated with examples of occupations or positions considered sensitive.

Individuals That DO NOT Require Background Checks

  1. FERP employees, unless they voluntarily move into positions that would require a background check
  2. Student workers and volunteers unless driving or when mandated by law.
  3. Current employees (including auxiliary employees), unless they voluntarily move into a position in which a background check is required by law or has been designated as a sensitive position.
  4. Employees rehired to the same class who have had a background check performed in the previous 12 months.
  5. Employees hired for one (1) day events.


Please direct specific questions about this policy to the following individuals:

  • Michelle Caisse, Recruitment Manager - extension 4501
  • Trysta Hays, HR Business Partner
  • Shakeh Giragossian, HR Business Partner