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ResNet Getting Connected

Connecting to Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)

ResNet has wireless located throughout the Residence Halls.  Keep reading below to for a description of each wireless network and their use.


The best way to get connected wirelessly is to connect to our HSUConnect onboarding network. A logon page should pop up with instructions to get connected to eduroam, which is Humboldt's official wireless network. eduroam is the network you'll want to connect your laptop, smartphone, or tablet to.  The benefit to going through HSUConnect is your device will receive a 5-year certificate that will keep you connected even when your Humboldt password changes.  If you have trouble completing the onboarding, please use the steps below to manually connect to eduroam.


This is the network you'll ultimately want to connect your laptop, mobile phone, and/or tablet to. If you have trouble with the HSUConnect onboarding network, you can manually connect to eduroam. Login with your Humboldt email address when prompted. If you're prompted for additional connection info, you can use the following:

EAP Method: PEAP
Phase 2 Auth: MSCHAPv2
CA Certificate: Do Not Validate
Identity: your Humboldt email address, e.g.
Anonymous Identity: Leave blank
Password: your Humboldt password


For devices that don't have a web browser or can't authenticate with eduroam, e.g. a Roku, Apple TV, a smart TV, a gaming console, etc., you must connect to SSID: ResnetWireless.

Connecting to Wired Internet (Ethernet)

Except for Campus Apartments, all rooms have at least one wired Ethernet port that provides you with fast, reliable Internet access.  You can use this connection for your desktop PC, laptop, gaming console, streaming media player, or smart TV.  Simply connect an Ethernet cable from your device to the Ethernet port in your room.

You may NOT use this port to connect a personal wireless router or network switch. Residents found doing so will be disconnected from the network.

Ethernet patch cables are available for purchase from the Humboldt bookstore or from any online retailer.  The ResNet Help Desk recommends CAT 6 patch cables.