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CHRS Recruiting

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Please contact if you need guidance with CHRS and we will offer zoom meetings on an as needed basis.

Introducing CHRS Recruiting (video)

Introducing CHRS Recruiting (Video)

We are launching our new recruiting system on May 3rd, 2022!

What is CHRS Recruiting?

To help us to attract, hire and onboard talented faculty and staff more efficiently and effectively, the California State University system is moving to a new software solution called CHRS Recruiting, built in PageUp. All campuses will be on this new system – it is the first piece of the Common Human Resources System (CHRS).

What does CHRS Recruiting do?

Recruitment I Onboarding I Analytics

Applicants can:

  • Scan a quick response code to navigate to job listing
  • Apply via desktop computer, tablet or cell phone
  • Upload information from a resume into the application automatically
  • Attach any type of file, any size of file or any number of files to the application
  • Send confidential letters of recommendation
  • Receive an electronic notification when a new job of interest is posted
  • See the status of his/her application
  • Review the offer and accept or decline electronically

Recruiters & Hiring Managers can:

  • Use a paperless, electronic system for position management and approvals
  • Post to multiple sites with ease
  • Connect to LinkedIn, Facebook and over 3,000 job board
  • Source hard-to-fill positions with a talent search function
  • Onboard new employees easily through an onboarding portal
  • Track sources of candidate applications to find best resources
  • Improve the hiring process using analytics dashboards
  • Use a dashboard to view recruitment statuses and manage tasks
  • Evaluate recruitment costs and effectiveness with easy-to-use reports
  • Notify a candidate automatically that their application has moved to a new status

Search Committees can:

  • Access all applicant materials in one place for all committee members
  • Review and evaluate applicants, and provide feedback
  • Easily add committee members who are not within the University
  • Chair can see each committee member's responses and scoring

Benefits of CHRS Recruiting

  • Approvals can move faster without waiting for papers to be routed around, thanks to electronic workflow.
  • Manual workload can decrease since data will automatically upload from PeopleSoft, rather than doing double entry.
  • Applying for a job is easier and more attractive with features such as resume parsing and application via 
mobile devices.
  • Information can be captured and conveniently accessible since all recruiting data can be tracked within the system, rather than using outside tools such as Excel.
  • Hiring effectiveness can be improved through easy-to-understand analytics regarding recruiting expenditures and candidate pipelines.
  • Onboarding new employees can be streamlined by using a centralized system including electronic checklists to track the onboarding process.
  • Security and data integrity can be improved because papers are not being routed. Employees are granted access based on the roles they perform.
  • Each university's branding can be consistent because the look of the interface can be configured by the campus to match their website.
  • Systemwide reporting can be easier and faster thanks to a common system.
  • Implementation Timeline

  • The initial recruitment types to use the new system include:
  • Staff & MPP
  • Executive Searches
  • Temporary Faculty Pool & Lecturers
  • By the Fall 2022 we will also transition the following recruitment types to CHRS Recruiting:
  • Temporary Coaches, Counselors, and Librarians
  • Visiting Professors
  • Probationary Faculty Positions
  • Note: We will not be transitioning student recruitment to this system at this time
  • Training & Processes

  • The Department of Human Resources and Academic Personnel Services are finalizing details on training for staff and MPP recruitments.
  • Just in-time training will be offered online through CSU Learn when employees are assigned as part of a search committee.  Committee members will be required to complete the interactive CHRS Recruiting Committee Briefing and Applicant Review courses.  The following interactive courses will also be available: How to Create a Job Card and How to Do Approvals.
  • Please contact if you need guidance with CHRS and we will offer zoom meetings on an as needed basis.
  • More information about training and modified recruitment processes are forthcoming.

More Information About CHRS Recruiting

If you have questions, please contact:

Staff Recruitments

Faculty Recruitments

Interactive Course Bundle

  • Recruitment Committee Briefing
  • Reviewing Applicants
  • Creating a Job Card
  • Job and Offer Approvals

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