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Donations & Crowdfunding

Online Donations

If you wish to make an online donation to a club, click on the above link and enter the club name in the appropriate comment box. You have the option to select how much you wish to donate, as well as how frequent  your donations occur. You can choose to make a one-time donation, or multiple recurring donations. Donations will be processed by the Foundation who will send a thank you letter including a notice of tax benefits for donating.


If your club wants to raise money for a specific goal, Humboldt’s Office of Philanthropy can set up a crowdfunding site for your club. Click the above link to start a project, or view other crowd-fundraisers that are happening right now. This is helpful if you have family or friends outside of the area who want to give toward your cause, but may not be able to attend a fundraising event. Please note that crowdfunding may not be used to benefit a single individual; the goal must be aligned with your club’s goals. (For more information, see the Crowdfunding resources below).

Custom Ink

Your club can also run a club merch fundraiser without having to buy any inventory or carrying cash! Simply upload your logo and choose from items like t-shirts, hoodies, activewear, hats, bags and more! You set the price and Custom Ink will give you a goal of how many items you need to sell. Keep in mind that this fundraiser is only for a limited time. This is a great opportunity to raise funds before your club's next trip! Send the link to your friends and family. Once your fundraising period is over and you ensure you hit the minimum sale goal, Custom Ink will fulfill and ship the orders for you, and the money gets deposited directly to your club's account! For help on setting this up, visit the Club Financial Services Office.

CustomInk prints all of their items in the US by their licensed printers. Not every item is manufactured in the US, but some are. See here for items made in the USA. 


Other Resources
For more information on donations and crowdfunding, email: