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Parking Fee Refunds

In order to process a refund for a term or year parking permit, please bring the used permit to the Cashier's Office along with your student ID. Refunds take about 2-3 weeks to process. You will be notified when the check is available for pick up in the Cashier's Office. If you have enrolled in direct deposit through your Student Center, you may receive your refund quicker. (This will not work if you are only enrolled in direct deposit for payroll, you must also enroll through your student center).

Download the Request for Refund form.

Refunds are prorated based on the number of calendar days for which the permit is valid in accordance with the following schedule:

Fall Permits (August 1 - December 31)PERCENT OF FEES REFUNDED
By July 31st100%
August 1st - September 7th75%
September 8th - October 16th50%
October 17th - November 23rd25%
November 24th or later0%
Spring (January 1 - May 31)PERCENT OF FEES REFUNDED
By December 31st100%
January 1st - February 7th75%
February 8th to March 17th50%
March 18th to April 24th25%
April 25th or later0%
Year (August 1 - May 31)PERCENT OF FEES REFUNDED
 By July 31st 100%
 August 1st - September 7th 87.5%
 September 8th - October 16th 75%
 October 17th - November 23rd 62.5%
 November 24th - December 31st 50%
January 1st - February 7th37.5%
February 8th to March 17th25%
March 18th to April 24th12.5%
April 25th or later0%