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F.A.Q. (General Questions)

1 . When are registration & tuition fees due? 

Payments are due in Student Financial Services by the due dates listed on the Registration & Tuition Fees page.

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2 . What if my payment is late?

A $30 non-refundable late payment fee will be assessed for each registration fee or tuition payment deadline that is missed.

Debts owed to the institution:

Holds are placed on students for the following reasons:

Fees or monies owed to the university, such as registration fees, housing charges, library fines, dishonored checks, Extended Education fees, lost key charges, etc.

Exit interviews for Perkins loans, Plant Operations keys, etc.

  • Monetary/Financial
  • Non-monetary

These holds will prevent you from registering, receiving grades and transcripts, etc. Information about holds on your account can be obtained by accessing your student account on the web. You will need to allow one business day after clearing a hold, before attempting to register or receive other services.

Failure to pay fees or debts incurred by specified due dates may result in collection action, including collection agency referral and/or small claims court, where you will be responsible for all applicable collection and/or court costs. 

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3 . Where will my bills be sent?

The university no longer sends out bills for student registration/tuition fees. It will be the student's responsibility to check their student account online through Student Center to retrieve their account balance information. Fees are assessed to a student's accounts immediately after registering for classes. If you add or drop classes that move your unit load to a different fee category, (0-6 units or 6.1+ units) your fees will re-calculate automatically.

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4 . What happens if my check or e-check bounces?

A student whose check or e-check is returned from their bank will be assessed a $25 returned check fee.

Anyone paying for a university fee or service with a check or e-check that is dishonored by the bank is subject to legal action within the limits of the law. The privilege of writing checks or e-checks to the university may also be revoked.

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5 . When are payroll warrants disbursed?

Student assistant, work-study, and staff overtime warrants are available at Student Financial Services on the 15th of the following month (the 14th if the 15th is Saturday - the 16th if the 15th is Sunday). For exact dates and times, see the university Green and Gold Calendar.

Faculty and staff warrants are usually available at Student Financial Services on the last workday of the pay period. For exact dates and times, see the university Green and Gold Calendar.

Some form of picture ID is required to pick up warrants (e.g. Humboldt ID, state-issued ID, passport, etc.). Please note that payroll checks are typically issued under legal names and will require a form of picture ID with the same legal name.

For more information, see Getting Paid.

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6 . Does Student Financial Services close for lunch?

No, we are open 8 am to 5 pm.

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7 . How can I get an extension on my short-term loan?

Go to Student Financial Service Window on the 2nd floor of the SBS Building.

You will be required to pay 10% of the outstanding short-term loan to receive an extension.

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8 . How are Tuition & Fees paid by my Financial Aid?

If your Student Center shows you have enough pending aid to cover your total tuition and fees, you are not required to make any payment by the fee deadline.  If your pending aid is less than your total tuition and fees due, it is your responsibility to pay the difference by the fee payment deadline or enroll in a Financial Aid Payment Plan to avoid cancelation from your classes. 

You should review your Student Center to verify the amount of your pending financial aid and the amount of charges due before the payment deadline.


  • You will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office notifying you of your aid package.  You will be instructed to go to your Student Center and accept your loans.
  • To accept or view your Financial Aid, navigate to your Student Center after logging into your myHumboldt account. On the left side of the screen will be a Financial Aid selection with links to “View Financial Aid” or “Accept/Decline Awards.”
  • Once you have accepted your awards, your aid will be “pending” until it is posted to your student account.
  • One week before school starts, the Financial Aid Office will start disbursing all aid; direct loans, scholarships, and grants (no sooner than 7 days before the start of classes).
  • Student Financial Services will post the award to your student account and you will see a credit for each award.
  • These credits will automatically apply to any outstanding fees that you have on your account. This includes Tuition, Campus based fees, Housing, Health Center fees, or Short-term loans.
  • If there is a remaining credit balance after applying to your fees, you will be issued a refund. Students who sign-up for direct deposit will receive their refund directly into their designated account the next day after posting to your student account.   You can sign up for direct deposit through your Student Center or refer to the Electronic Funds Transfer page for information. If you do not sign-up for direct deposit, you will have to pick up a paper check at Student Financial Services Office 3 days later.
  • Financial Aid Disbursements are processed twice a week for the first month of school, and once a week thereafter.
  • Prior year financial holds will prevent financial aid awards from posting to your account.  Review your account for any outstanding Short-term loans or other fees that might have been posted to your student account late in the previous semester (Health Center charges, Library charges, etc.)
  • Check your “TO DO LIST.”  If you have not completed all your to-do’s your aid will not process.

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9 . Can the Health Services fee be waived or can I opt out?

The Health Services fee was initiated by the student body to support an on-campus health facility and counseling services. 

The campus is located in a rural area and this facility provides easy access to medical attention for all students.  This is a mandatory fee for all students and there are no options to "opt out" even though they have private health insurance.

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10 . Where can I find information on my 1098-T Tuition Statement?

Please visit this page for information regarding the 1098-T Tuition Statement, including FAQ.

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11 . I got a notice that my fees are due, but shouldn't my financial aid cover it?

The fee payment deadline is usually before the first disbursement of Financial Aid. Financial aid disburses 1 week before instruction begins. If your pending financial aid is enough to cover your tuition fees, we do not require a payment on the fee deadline. Financial Aid will automatically disburse funds directly to your student account and pay your tuition & housing fees (if you are signed up for on-campus housing). If there are any funds remaining after your fees are paid, we will process a refund for you. 

To determine if you have enough financial aid to cover your fee, please refer to the Student Center Guide.

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12 . Do I need to pay the huge CashNet service fee when I make a payment for my tuition?

The service fee that CashNet charges is only applicable to online credit card payments. You can pay online with an electronic check from a regular checking account (not a money market or investment account). If you choose to make your payment with an electronic check, you will need your bank's routing number and your account number. There is no service charge for paying with an electronic check. You can also pay in person at the Cashier's Office without a service charge. They can accept cash, check, credit cards & debit cards.

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