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Your Rights & Responsibilities


  • You have the right to expect equitable treatment in the awarding of financial aid. Applications will be individually analyzed using the same system of need analysis for all students. If financial need exists, you have the right to expect a fair determination of your eligibility for available funding.
  • You and your parents have the assurance that all information relating to your financial aid is kept confidential. Information on your application or award will be released to individuals only if you request it in writing.
  • Appeal procedures have been established to review the action of the Humboldt Financial Aid Office when a student warrants special consideration.
  • You have the right to have full information on the requirements for and the types of aid available at Humboldt In addition, you have the right to know the selection and review process used in awarding financial aid. Information on academic, faculty and physical facilities, student retention, and the University's annual employment survey of its graduates is available in the University Catalog.
  • For students who withdraw from the University prior to deadlines established by the State of California, pro rata refunds of mandatory tuition fees and tuition may be available. Students can find specific information concerning the refund policy in the University Catalog or by contacting Student Financial Services.


  • You have the responsibility to read and understand all the information provided to you on our Financial Aid website.
  • You have the responsibility to complete all applications, documents and requests for information accurately and promptly. Intentional misrepresentation on an application for federal or state financial aid is a violation of law and a criminal offense subject to penalties.
  • You have the responsibility to understand the Satisfactory Academic Progress policies as well as any other limits on aid, and to understand the consequences of not meeting such obligations.
  • You have the responsibility to report any and all outside resources (such as scholarships, stipends, fee waivers, etc.) to the financial aid office.
  • You have the responsibility to use the financial aid received only for expenses related to your education at Humboldt.