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Your SAP Status


You are in good shape and in good standing. Keep up the good work! To remain in good standing you must maintain a minimum cumulative completion rate of two-thirds of credits attempted (67%) as measured by comparing the total completed credits to the total attempted credits. You must also maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) or academic standing consistent with Humboldt graduation requirements. Students must also maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) or academic standing consistent with Humboldt graduation requirements.


You have not maintained the minimum completion rate of 67% and have been placed on Financial Aid Warning for your next semester of enrollment. You are still eligible for financial aid during this warning semester and only have one term to return to satisfactory status (Meeting).


You have submitted an appeal and a one-time exception has been granted. Appeals are approved for just one semester of Probation ‚– if the student does not meet SAP at the end of the probationary semester they will be returned to Financial Aid Suspension.  Appeals for a second probationary term are only considered if the reason is different than the first appeal, and are only approved in rare circumstances by the Financial Aid Director.

Not Meets

You have a Financial Aid Suspension. Students that are unable to meet the SAP standards during their Warning semester are placed on Financial Aid Suspension. Additionally, students who do not earn their degree within the maximum timeframe to completion are ineligible for additional financial aid. No aid will be disbursed during subsequent semesters of enrollment unless the student has made an appeal and the appeal is granted. There are no exceptions to this requirement. If you were previously awarded financial aid, your aid will be cancelled. Due to lack of funds, most programs generally cannot be reinstated after cancellation. Please review the section Regaining Eligibility for more information on how to appeal.


The Financial Aid Office is currently reviewing your file, additional documents may be necessary to complete this review. Make sure to check your email for communication from our office and your Student Center's To-Do-List for additional documents needed. Your SAP status will be updated to reflect the appropriate status once the review process has been completed.


If you are a new Humboldt student your SAP status has not yet been determined because you have not yet completed your first term at Humboldt. This process runs after every term once grades are posted. Your SAP status will be updated upon completion of your first term at Humboldt. Stay informed regarding your SAP status and Financial Aid Limits & Caps by reviewing the Financial Matters tab in your myHumboldt portal.