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Award Notification

Students who are awarded Financial Aid will be notified by email and their award can be viewed in their Student Center by logging in to their myHumboldt portal.

  • Login to the myHumboldt portal through the Humboldt home page, using your Humboldt username (your campus email address before the @symbol, e.g.: rft446) and password.
  • Should you need assistance in resetting your password, locating your username, or have a question regarding the Student Center in general, please contact the Humboldt Help Desk for assistance: Phone: 707-826-4357 Email: Hours: M‚–F 8am‚–5 pm
  • "My Checklist" on the myHumboldt portal or your Student Center's To-Do-List, contains critical items to be completed from various departments, including Financial Aid.
  • Requested financial aid document(s) can be submitted by going to My Checklist to resolve critical requirements or the "Financial Matters" tab on myHumboldt. Click on the item required to take you to the Financial Aid forms website. Complete the required documents thoroughly, sign if necessary, and submit to the Financial Aid Office before the listed due date. Please allow 4-6 weeks for review of all documents.

View Your Financial Aid Award

  • Under the "Financial Matters" heading, click View Financial Awards under Quick Links.
  • Click on the corresponding aid year to access eligibility information regarding your financial aid application for that year.
  • If no financial aid data is available, your financial aid has not yet been determined and/or additional information is needed from you to confirm your eligibility for aid.
  • Return to the main page of myHumboldt and view "My Checklist" for outstanding critical items or financial aid holds that may prevent awarding.
  • Check "My Checklist" on myHumboldt frequently for critical items which may be in the form of required documents, holds, updates or revisions to your financial aid.
  • Check myHumboldt often regarding the status of your financial aid. If there is a change to your award or if additional documents are required, you will receive notifications via email.

Accept/Decline Awards

  • Under the "Financial Matters" heading, click Accept/Decline Awards under Quick Links.
  • Click the aid year you wish to view. Your initial award is based on full-year, full-time attendance. If you plan to attend less than a full academic year, or less than full time, accept the full award now, and notify the Financial Aid Office of your plans by submitting a Change Form online. Your award will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Accept your grants, which are monies you do not have to pay back.
  • CAUTION: Any aid not accepted by the posted acceptance deadline will be cancelled.
  • You cannot reduce the "accept" amount down to zero. Instead, you must decline the award. 

Declined Aid

Many financial aid funds are limited and declined aid may not be available for reinstatement (with the exception of loans).

For declined or cancelled grants, reinstatement may not be possible, but you may request a reinstatement of available aid by submitting a Change Form online. Loan reinstatement requires completing the Humboldt Federal Direct Student Loan Request Form.

You can reduce your loans until our office locks them for disbursement. If a loan reduction is desired and you have eligibility for both the subsidized and unsubsidized Direct Loan, reduce your unsubsidized loan first (if you reduce your subsidized loan first, the unsubsidized loan will be cancelled).