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Special Programs

Sometimes students require assistance beyond the ordinary enrollment programs. While participating in these alternative enrollment programs, Humboldt will assist qualified degree-seeking students in receiving financial aid.

Concurrent Enrollment

As an enrolled student at Cal Poly Humboldt who is receiving aid, you would be ineligible for federal and state financial aid at any other post-secondary institution. However, Humboldt has a Concurrent Enrollment agreement with College of the Redwoods. Through this agreement students can be enrolled at both institutions and receive aid from Humboldt, as long as the student is enrolled in at least 6 units at Humboldt. Transferable coursework can also be applied to your satisfactory academic progress standards at Humboldt. Please be aware that official transcripts are required to demonstrate successful completion of those courses, and it is the student's responsibility to request transcripts from College of the Redwoods. If you are interested in concurrent enrollment, please contact the Financial Aid Office to speak to a Financial Aid Counselor for additional information.

Study Abroad

There are three types of study abroad program available through Cal Poly Humboldt. Students apply to participate through the Humboldt Center for International Programs to participate in the study abroad programs:

CSU International Program: Student studies for one year in a CSU pre-arranged program at a University overseas. Tuition & Fees for each term of classes is deducted from financial aid disbursement.

Bi-Lateral Exchange: Arrangements made between Cal Poly Humboldt and specific universities abroad for semester or year-long programs.  Tuition & Fees for each term of classes is deducted from financial aid disbursement.

Third Party Provider Programs: One of the many varied Humboldt-approved "Third Party Provider" programs. Examples:  USAC, CEA, AustraLearn, SIT. Students must pay the Third Party Program directly for tuition & fees associated with registering for classes each semester.

Requirements: All students accessing financial aid while studying abroad are required to meet with the Financial Aid Office prior to departure to complete necessary paperwork. All types of grants, scholarships, and student loans can be disbursed for the CSU-IP and Bi-Lateral Exchange programs. When students participate in a Third Party Provider program they do not pay Humboldt fees and are NOT eligible for State University Grant or Cal Grant fee coverage.  Students cannot use Federal Work Study while studying abroad.

Students participating in Bi-Lateral and Third Party Provider programs must document enrollment at their HOST school after they have completed the on-site "in country" orientation. Enrollment documentation will allow the release of financial aid. Proof grades for each term is also required to confirm continued eligibility to receive financial aid funds.

The Financial Aid Office can also assist with VISA memos and letters confirming financial aid funding for the host campus. We have been told that the Gilman Scholarship is a popular study abroad scholarship.