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How to Pay Charges

Sufficient Accepted (Pending) Financial Aid - OR -Cash, Check, or Credit Card Payment

If your Pending Financial Aid is enough to cover your Tuition & Fees your charges will be deferred until our initial disbursement of funds, so no payment is needed at this time. When funds are finalized and ready to pay, they are credited to your student account (exceptions are Federal Work Study, some alternative loans, and certain non-Humboldt scholarships).

Current academic year charges for tuition & fees and on-campus housing & dining will automatically be paid by your financial aid if all disbursement requirements have been met. Other current charges at Humboldt for educationally-related activities, such as library fines, course fees, past due Short Term Loan obligations, as well as prior year charges of less than $200, will also be automatically paid by disbursement and they may only be withheld with your (written) authorization. 

If you do not have enough Financial Aid to cover your charges, you are responsible for paying the difference or setting up a payment plan before the fee due date with Student Financial Services. 

If you have not yet been awarded, you are responsible for paying those charges by the deadline or setting up a payment plan with Student Financial Services. 

For more information click on fee deadlineshow to pay your tuition/fees, and how to set up an Installment Payment Plan (IPP).

Please Note: Failure to pay any outstanding balance will result in cancellation of your student class schedule. Students disenrolled for non-payment of fees will be treated as having withdrawn from all classes as of that date and will be responsible for paying a prorated fee based on the number of days enrolled. For registration activity after the initial fee deadline, fees are due within 72 hours, otherwise students will be cancelled for nonpayment.

Fee Coverage by Other Programs
If your tuition fees are waived or paid by other sources such as: 

  • Dependent Fee Waiver
  • Cal Vet Waiver or other Veterans benefits
  • GA/TA Waiver
  • Vocational Rehab or other agencies 

You must notify the Financial Aid Office by submitting a Action Request Form through the Student Forms portal, and submit the agency authorization to Student Financial Services. This fee coverage cannot replace the expected family contribution. Fee coverage by other programs may reduce your eligibility for other types of aid. 

Living On Campus: If your Pending Financial Aid is also enough to cover your Housing & Dining charges, your charges will be deferred until our initial disbursement of funds. If your aid will only cover a portion of your charges, you may have to pay the difference or request a payment plan prior to your due date. For more information regarding payment due dates and payment plans, or to update your current meal plan or payment plan, visit Housing & Residence Life.