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Awarding Aid

Priorities and Criteria

Financial Aid funds are typically limited and are generally targeted to those with the greatest measured financial need and eligibility. The potential resources of each individual (and when required, the individual's family) are analyzed by national standards. In brief, eligibility is determined by deducting analyzed resources from the appropriate expense budget. In general, aid is awarded to timely and eligible applicants. Approximately 20% of the financial aid funds our students receive are from programs where available funds are not sufficient to fully meet the eligibility of all applicants (FSEOG, FWS, EOPG, SUG, and most Humboldt Scholarships). Therefore, Humboldt adopted awarding priorities and criteria for these programs. In developing the criteria, the eligible population, available funding, and institution enrollment and retention implications were considered. A list of these priorities and criteria are available upon request at the Financial Aid Office.