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Requirements for Disbursement: How to Get Your Money?


You may apply for financial aid prior to being admitted to the University, but the awarding process cannot be completed until an application for admission is received. Funds will not disburse until all conditions for admission to the University have been satisfied and you have been fully admitted. Please check with the Office of Admissions if you have questions regarding your Admissions status.

Authorization to Release Student Information to a Third-Party Designee Form: All Humboldt prospective and current students are prompted to complete an online Authorization to Release Student Information to a Third-Party Designee Form via the Student Center where the student can list the people they are providing consent to and which type of information can be disclosed, whether it be Academic Records, Student Financial Services, or Financial Aid information. Your student would need to provide you or any other designee with a four-digit access code that in turn is provided to the professional on campus that is assisting you in order to disclose student information.

The Family Educational Rights and Pivacy Act of 1974 ( FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. When a student turns 18 years old or enters a postsecondary institution at any age, all rights afforded to the parent under FERPA is onw transfered to the student. To protect the student's privacy, the law generally requires schools to ask for written consent from the student befor disclosing the student's information. If you have further questions about FERPA, please contact the U.S. Department of Education's Family Policy Compliance Office

Dropping Units

If you are planning to change your unit load for the semester and you received a financial aid refund, DO NOT SPEND this refund. First meet with a Financial Aid Counselor to ensure whether or not those funds may need to be returned. Submit a Action Request Form through Student Forms portal.


Full-time enrollment for financial aid purposes is a minimum of twelve (12) units per semester for Undergraduate/Credential students a minimum of nine (9) units per semester for Graduate students. If the students plans to be enrolled in less than full-time units, our office must be notified in order to review eligibility of funds and to make any necessary adjustments to the award. Submit an Action Request Form through the Student Forms portal anytime you make enrollment changes.


Holds placed by the Financial Aid Office will prevent disbursement. Visit the Student Center's To-Do-List via the myHumboldt portal.

Late Registration

The initial disbursement for each semester may be affected by the date you registered. If you register for classes in August, disbursement may be delayed until units can be verified and disbursement processes run.


If you are awarded and have accepted a Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loan, you must complete Loan Entrance Counseling, sign a Master Promissory Note, and be enrolled in at least 6 units in order for funds to disburse.

If you are awarded and have accepted a Federal Perkins Loan, you will be notified via email about where and how to sign your Perkins Promissory Note online. Call the Student Financial Services Office at 707-826-4407 if you have questions about the Perkins loan. 

Prior Debts

Prior academic year debts of less than $200 may be paid from current year funds. Larger debts, such as prior year housing charges, cannot be satisfied with current academic year financial aid and will stop disbursement.


Scholarships are listed as "Anticipated Aid" on your award until funds are received from the donor.


If you are no longer planning to attend the university and you received a financial aid refund, DO NOT SPEND this refund. Return the funds to Student Financial Services ‚– Cashiers, submit an Action Request form through Student Forms portal.

Work Study

Federal Work Study is not listed as "Anticipated Aid" on your award and is considered non-disbursable, meaning that this type of financial aid fund does not disburse into your student account but rather….If you have been offered Work Study, it will be indicated on your Financial Aid Award Notification. You must then confirm employment by the deadlines noted below in order to retain the award.

New Humboldt Students

Your Federal Work Study has been posted to your award as "Offered." It can only be accepted by our office once your employment is confirmed. Employment is confirmed when the first timecard is submitted. If Verification of Employment is not received by our office by the deadlines, then your Federal Work Study will be cancelled. Reinstatement is unlikely due to limited funds.